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Top-Of-The-Line Portable Charging...In a Handbag [CES 2016]

Our portable devices have become such an indispensable part of our everyday lives—but their battery life hasn't increased to match. Rather than bringing all manner of unwieldy devices with you or making your phone or tablet physically larger with a battery case, a new phone-charging bag being introduced by Knomo is a seamless new way to make sure your device stays as charged and cozy as it is at home.

The Drop & Go Charge Pocket uses a magnet to automatically attract your iPhone to its built-in charger. The technology uses a new charging method to retain 95-98 percent of its power output, compared to the 60 or 70 percent achieved by induction charging, the technology that is usually behind wireless charging.

Knomo's magnetic connection technology use magnetic forces to center and attract direct leads together so that a direct physical contact is made, reducing any loss of power. Induction chargers, meanwhile, use radio waves to transfer power between a transmitter and receiver, resulting in energy transmission losses and longer charging times. The technology is also completely designed around getting the phone to latch on and start charging quickly. Knomo has designed their batteries with specialized PCB boards that auto-detect when a device is connected and deliver power quickly.

As a result, the technology is more than just a gimmick for personal convenience: it also provides top-of-the-line portable charging capability, whether you need the convenience factor or not.

Knomo has used magnets as a case and storage solution before, with the Mag:Collection providing a mount and a case fitted with a steel plate to keep phones handy within the home. But this is the first time the company has attempted to combine these multiple innovations. The bags touting the technology will debut in the spring, and include the Newbury Briefcase and the Vigo Top Zip Tote.

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