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Mood Lighting Takes a Step In the Right Direction

Do you have a room in your house, the uses of which are...in flux? Then a new lamp called FLUXO is for you. Using app-controlled LEDs, the Austrian-designed lamp improves upon recently popular smart lighting technologies like the Philips Hue, but adds a feature that's likely to win hearts for those seeking task lighting or displaying art: the dimension of direction.

The FLUXO lamp has a pendant design (measuring 11 inches in diameter), but instead of the usual single lightbulb in the center, it has over 300 white and colored LEDs spread over a flat surface and several sensors that interact with the environment, all without moving parts.

The large number of LEDs means that it is as bright as four smart bulbs.

FLUXO also arguably has better durability and 'contingency plans' than its rivals. It sports a carefully designed anodized aluminum heat sink to keep all these components cool, and internal components that allow the lamp to remain 'smart' even if your phone or internet connection become unavailable.

Another standout feature of FLUXO is the unique UX of its app. You can easily create a custom lighting scenario by swiping on the screen in the corner and direction you desire; the 'mark' left by your swipe forms the illumination source.

A 'stretch goal' that has been achieved thanks to the project's having reached $220,000 in donations is dynamic or 'animated' lighting scenes, which change over time in a pre-programmed manner. For example, the 'daylight' setting will follow the color of natural light over the course of the day (similar to the app f.lux, which is designed to adapt the color of a computer screen to the body's circadian rhythms). 'Party mode,' which sounds like a bit of a wildcard, will feature "changing colors of indirect light."

FLUXO has been wildly successful on Kickstarter, raising $273,391—more than five times its original $50,000 goal. It is expected to retail for over $600, but various early bird specials that are still available will allow you to nab one (or a pair) for much less.


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